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About Us

Our Motto

Unlock the future of dressage with Ad Valk Dressage Horses, your go-to source for modern, elegant, and successful dressage equines. Home to legendary breeding stallions like Krack C, Vivaldi, Apache, Desperado, and Indian Rock, we've been at the forefront of revolutionizing dressage horse breeding in the modern era.


Our mission is crystal clear: to breed horses with impeccable conformation, an innate uphill tendency, and effortless self-carriage. Achieving these qualities isn't just our motto—it's our promise for developing Grand Prix-level horses that are sound, strong, and built for success. Don't just dream about reaching the pinnacle of dressage—make it a reality. Contact us to find a horse that aligns perfectly with your aspirations.


Our Story

Thanks to a good working relationship with numerous Dutch breeders Ad Valk is able to scout talented foals and advise breeders as to which stallions best suit their mares. This symbiotic relationship between Ad Valk Dressage and the breeders ensure that the very best is bred for the next generation and that modern dressage horses keep developing and improving. 


Ad Valk Dressage does not only pride itself in selecting and producing the best approved stallions, but also mares. In union with Dutch breeders Ad Valk Dressage has given birth to the legendary mare lines including Pabola, Terlia, Bulinda, Bamby, Crisjena and Cabola. 


Finally, Ad Valk Dressage is also a dealing yard. Here you will find the very best in the dressage sport. We have everything ranging from foals to young top talents and approved stallions to older schooled horses available. Because we scout most of our horses as foals, we know the history of each horse and provide the very best care throughout their development. Finally, we feel that it is important for “horses to be horses” and they therefore all enjoy time in the paddock daily. 

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